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Friday, December 10, 2004  

Getting to Rittenhouse

Welcome to “Friday Fun,” the always-anticipated and supposed-to-be-weekly feature of The Rittenhouse Review that offers a quick look at just some of the searches that brought visitors to the blog during the past week. (It’s better than a late-morning thread, don’t you think?)

Rittenhouse attack dog
Wait, do you mean Mildred? You’re just so wrong with the whole “attack” thing. So wrong.

Steve Lawrence Tweedle Dum
So that makes Eydie Gorme, what, Tweedle Dee? (Just mentioning Gorme brings back a memory of my late Aunt Sarah, who despite the nomenclature, was actually a cousin. Aunt Sarah and I, almost 30 years ago, were watching television and Gorme appeared on screen for some reason. I said to Aunt Sarah, “You look like her.” And to that Aunt Sarah replied, “Yes, but much better looking, don’t you think?” How do you answer a question like that? Like this: “Of course!”)

syphilis Condoleezza Rice
Somehow I doubt it.

Condi Rice bad choice
I couldn’t agree more.

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Christina
They have names?

James Baker get rid of dead wood
James Baker. Dead wood. Oh yeah.

cut the crap review
Is that a terrific name for a blog or what?

Hillary Clinton black lingerie cover
I’m not even going there.

Dennis Priven
Yes, he’s been mentioned here. And he’s scum.

scientology Laura Ingraham
She’s done stranger things.

Amy Guttman is she Jewis [sic]
The reference here is to the new president of the University of Pennsylvania. I have no idea whether or not she’s “Jewis,” though I might add that this searcher perhaps meant “Jewess”? You never know with these clowns.


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