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Saturday, December 11, 2004  

And Atrios’s Very Light Blogging

It was close, and I think it was decided at the very last minute, or on the very last day, but Rittenhouse readers collectively answered correctly the following question, posted last Saturday, “Which of these cities does not regularly appear in the list of the top-ten cities from which readers access The Rittenhouse Review?”

Yes, you’re right. The correct answer is Phoenix.

The results of the poll, or survey, are published below.

Phoenix: 58 votes, or 36%
Houston: 56 votes, 35%
Atlanta: 17 votes, 11%
Philadelphia: 16 votes, 10%
San Francisco: 7 votes, 4%
Seattle: 4 votes, 2%
Los Angeles: 2 votes, 1%
Chicago: 1 vote, 1%

Philadelphia? I mean, really, who the hell voted for Philadelphia? Philadelphia consistently appears at the very top of the list of my visitors’ domiciles. I’m more popular, at least I think, in Philadelphia than is the much-vaunted, and dear friend, Atrios. Maybe that’s because I actually write for a living blogging.

(I know, I really should try that one-word blogging thing, to say nothing of the gratuitous “open-thread”-blog-for-me-because-you-sent-me-overseas-and-I’m-just-not-available-to-you stuff. It all seems to pay well for Duncan.)

Houston? That was kind of a trick on my part. I’ll bet you were thinking Red State stuff, and that they wouldn’t trod here. You’re excused.

Nice job, people.


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