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Friday, December 10, 2004  

Been There, Done That
Was Anyone Paying Attention?

I’m so pleased to see the mainstream media finally giving some attention to the incredibly disgraceful issue of American troops left defenseless by the lack of adequate armor for transportation vehicles.

Herewith just a sample of recent reports on the subject:

“Armor Issue Echoes at War, Home,” by Tom Infield and Edward Colimore, Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10.

“Reporter Had Role in Soldier’s Query,” by Gail Gibson, the Baltimore Sun, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10.

“Bush: Troop Needs Are Being Met,” by Steve Holland, Reuters, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10.

“Armor Scarce for Big Trucks Transporting Cargo in Iraq,” by Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt, New York Times, December 10.

“Troops Grill Rumsfeld as Insurgents Fight On,” by Eric Scmitt, the New York Times, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, December 9.

“Military Said Working on Armor Upgrade,” by John J. Lumpkin, the Associated Press.

“Paper Barred From Fort Carson Over Story,” by the A.P.

Funny, almost, I think, isn’t it, that Rittenhouse readers were fully informed of this matter, beginning in August, in a series of posts about the 427th Transportation Company.

But, hey, I’m just a blogger. I’m nobody. What I write doesn’t matter.

Of course, it mattered a great deal to family members of those serving in Kuwait and Iraq, with the 427th and other units, people who were scrambling for makeshift armor for the Humvees under discussion and who were reduced to, debased by, having to troll the internet for body armor.

For shame.

And do you know what? Back in August I sent many e-mails to the appropriate parties at the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News.

And my messages were ignored.



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