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Thursday, January 27, 2005  

"Project Runway" Sends the Wrong Designer Packing

Have you been watching the so-called reality TV series, "Project Runway," recently and currently running on cable network Bravo TV?

The series began with 12 aspiring fashion designers seeking the ultimate prize: his or her own show during New York's "Fashion Week," a grant of $100,000 to launch an independent line, and, I think, some Anna Wintour rejects, or give-away samples, from such lines at Prada, Versace, and Jil Sander.

As of tonight's episode, we -- the royal we, of course -- had been reduced to just six designers, all of them, in my opinion, incredibly talented.

Sadly, the decision of the judges on this evening's episode -- hostess Heidi Klum, the May-Federated Hegemony's Great White Hope Michael Kors, Anne Slowey of Elle magazine, and self-styled lunatic, self-proclaimed nudist, and other-designated loser Betsey Johnson -- was, is, and will remain, utterly unjustifiable.

At the last possible moment, always-lagging, always-whining, and always-overrated contestant Wendy Pepper was chosen over the far more talented Kevin Johnn, the "team leader" during the series' latest challenge.

I protest. Not too much. Not in the Hamletian sense, but still.

(By the way, does anyone have Kevin's phone number or e-mail address?)

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