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Wednesday, January 19, 2005  

Part of a Transportation Company in Iraq

For months -- for months before the so-called mainstream media gave the matter serious and sustained consideration -- I’ve been writing about the difficulties encountered by transportation companies, and specifically reserve transportation companies, and more specifically reserve transportation companies without adequate vehicular armor, and most specifically, the 427th Transportation Co., based in nearby Norristown, Pa., may God protect them all.

This afternoon I received, indirectly, a prayer request from a member of the 57th Transportation Battalion, a man whose name I am withholding here. He writes, in relevant part:

As a transportation battalion, my unit will be delivering the voting machines and the ballots to villages and cities throughout Iraq during the upcoming elections. (January 30/31[, 2005.]) Our convoys are prime targets for the insurgents because they do not want the equipment to arrive at the polling stations nor do they want the local Iraqi citizens to have the chance to vote; timely delivery must occur so that the elections occur.

Encourage your friends and family members and those within our churches to pray specifically for the electoral process. Historically, the previous totalitarian regime would not allow individual citizens to vote. Democracy will not be realized in Iraq if intelligent and competent officials are not elected to those strategic leadership positions within the emerging government; freedom will not have an opportunity to ring throughout this country if the voting process fails. […]

A prayer vigil prior to the end of the month may be an innovative opportunity for those within your sphere of influence to pray. This is a political battle that needs spiritual intervention. […]

My soldiers are at the nerve center of the logistic operation to deliver the voting machines and election ballots. They will be driving to and entering the arena of the enemy. This is not a game for them[;] it is a historical mission that is extremely dangerous.

I know that while this soldier’s sentiments are unlike those of many Rittenhouse readers, his is a widely shared voice that deserves our attention, “our,” in this case, meaning liberals and leftists skeptical of the Bush administration’s aims in Iraq and elsewhere, but those who also genuinely care and are concerned about the welfare of American soldiers.

The Bush administration speaks for itself. Ineloquently so. And the men and women on the ground speak for themselves. In voices we can respect and admire.

Regardless of whether the goals and aims of the White House and the Pentagon match the aspirations of those pursuing the formers’ objectives matters little when real lives are on the line. When push comes to shove, I’m with the soldiers on the ground. They’re much more informed, and far more in touch with reality. Take sides, will you?

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