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Saturday, January 08, 2005  

Anti-Communist Commie Sympathizer?

Something tells me the scary -- and heavily subsidized -- red-diaper baby David “There’s More Money on the Right” Horowitz is at this moment seething, breathing heavily (if at all), and frothing at the mouth over Pope John Paul II’s latest remarks about Cuba and our ridiculous (and sinful, if you’re into that kind of thing) economic embargo aimed at the island’s governing regime, an embargo that hurts no one more than poor Cubans who couldn’t care less about Fidel Castro, his opponents, and Miami-based donors to the great Republican delusion.

According to the Associated Press, the Pope today said, “The Holy See wishes ardently that the obstacles that currently impede free communication and exchange between Cuba and the international community may be overcome as soon as possible, thus consolidating, by means of a respectful and open dialogue among all, the conditions necessary for genuine development.”

You know, if I were president, one of the first items on my agenda would be lifting the Cuban embargo, immediately and in full.

There, Dave, I said it.

Have at me.

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