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Sunday, January 16, 2005  

And Even Less About Blogging

Last week a Rittenhouse reader, or visitor, going by the name of Aakash took advantage of the comments feature here to promote a book written by someone called Hugh Hewitt, a name that until then hadn’t entered my consciousness, but a name that subsequently appeared at various weblogs I visit regularly, and not in a flattering way, I might add.

It seems Hewitt, joined with the detestable Bill O’Reilly -- appropriate company, that -- accused bloggers Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos and Jerome Armstrong of My DD of being on the take from Howard Dean during the former Vermont governor’s unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.

Stuff and nonsense.

TalkLeft offers the most efficient round-up of the make-believe “controversy” in posts dated January 14 and January 15.

Suffice it to say that O’Reilly and Hewitt, by implying, if not declaring, that Moulitsas and Armstrong were on the take, have revealed themselves to be beyond clueless, perhaps to the point of willful dishonesty.

[Post-publication addendum (January 18): On this issue, see Roger Ailes in "Warning: This Post Contains a Link To a Talking Ass," January 16.]

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