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Sunday, January 16, 2005  

Mark Cuban and the Bush Inauguration

By now you likely have heard about Bush-regime supporter, Dallas Mavericks owner, early internet cash-out, and all-around loudmouth Mark Cuban's call for the cancellation of this week's 40-million-dollar display of wretched, onanistic, inaugural excess, first posted at his weblog on December 31 and subsequently defended there on January 8, in part because of criticism in response to his initial observations.

Cuban makes several valid and interesting criticisms, and it's refreshing to hear a supporter of President Bean Bag calling the man to account. But, honestly, the only reason I'm blogging about this episode is because of the remarkable range of reader comments to Cuban's posts, those in agreement and those in vehement disputation. The remarks, ranging from the intelligent and informed to the inadequte and inane, are truly worth reading. Withouth question my favorite comment was written in reaction to Cuban's December 31 entry, "Do the Right Thing: Cancel Inauguration Parties," by a reader self-identified only as "John." John doodles:

"From each according to ability, to each according to need."

I couldn't disagree more with your collectivist mentality. I don't think our government should give a single penny of aid. The aid should come from private individuals like yourself that have a conscious. Not because it's the right thing to do, to help the needy, but because of the individual's character.

However, using your own logic will show that you are a hypocrite. You approached this from a collectivist mentality, but your actions assume that you approach life from an individualist mentality. For example, take your reality tv show. You gave the winner 1 million dollars simply because she could pass your tests for success. No one gives gives someone else one million dollars for the hell of it. You gave her the money for one reason, to promote yourself (which, I agree with, but this is using your logic). Using your own logic, spending money that way is worthless. If you rank the museum, the fishermen, the music, and giving someone 1 million dollars for the hell of it, would rank last. Using your own logic, wouldn't it be better to save that money for a disaster that might happen some day, rather than paying for someone to impress you, and then giving them 1 million dollars?

There is no better example of a hypocrite than a liberal millionaire, let alone a billionaire.

If you haven't already I suggest you pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

That final sentence is just precious, isn't it?

Look, I've said it before, somewhere, and I'll say it again now: If you are beyond the sophomore year of college, or like age, and you still regard Ayn Rand as a serious intellectual, well, you're just an idiot.

And yes, I know, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan worships at the debased, defoiled, and deflowered altar of Miss Rand.

Point proved.

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