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Monday, January 17, 2005  

Indulge Me, Just This Once

Indulge me, if only this one time (“Heh.”), to be a bit self-congratulatory by pointing out that The Rittenhouse Review today was named the week’s featured blog at Philly Future.

Philly Future site editor Karl Martino, who also is the proprietor of Paradox1x, writes:

Whether it be the huge list of [Philadelphia-]related links he maintains, his liberal political evangelism, or his efforts at networking [Philadelphia] bloggers (he got us together for the only independent blogger get together I am aware of), he deserves a bookmark from you.

I’m honored, pleased, and flattered by this recognition, and urge you to visit both Philly Future and Paradox1x, now and regularly hereafter.

By the way, speaking of recognitions and nods and such -- and we were -- the semi-final round of voting for the Third Annual Koufax Awards is still open at the site of sponsor Wampum, the prestigious series of awards in which The Rittenhouse Review this year has been nominated in two categories.

The first 2004 nomination, for “Best Overall Blog”, is for the best, in Wampum’s words, “non-professional/[non-]sponsored blog.” (I’ll leave it to Rittenhouse readers to decide for themselves whether every nominee in this category is truly “non-sponsored,” in even the most casual sense of that term.)

The second 2004 nomination is for “Best Writing,” a category for which, believe it or not, the competition is even greater than that for best liberal weblog.

As previously noted, your support in the semi-final round of voting, already underway, is much appreciated.

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