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Friday, February 18, 2005  

Asylum, Lunatics in Control of
A Continuing Series, Apparently

From “Elliott Abrams: From Iran-Contra to Bush’s Democracy Czar,” by Michael Crowley, in Slate (February 17), I find the second entry in what appears sadly likely to become a continuing series during Bush II 2:

Hours before the president's State of the Union address earlier this month -- a perfect moment for burying inconvenient news -- the White House announced the ascension of Elliott Abrams to the highest ranks of its foreign-policy team. Abrams has moved from the staff of the National Security Council to the post of deputy national security adviser. It’s a significant promotion, one that gives Abrams both an elevated stature and new management powers. Specifically, the White House says Abrams will be in charge of “global democracy strategy,” effectively making him Bush’s democracy czar. Over the next four years, he may come to represent, more than anyone, the id of the Bush administration’s foreign policy.

(And the ego. Don’t forget the ego.)

Sort of puts the strange goings-on at the University of Washington into an entirely new perspective, doesn’t it?

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