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Saturday, February 05, 2005  

On the Insufficiently Timely Death of Ayn Rand

Julian Sanchez took justifiable exception to my February 3 post, "Ayn Rand: 100 Years Later; Still Dead," in an e-mail sent here on the same date:

Ironically, "sophomoric crap" is the verbatim phrase I once used to describe Rand's work in one of those "20 Questions" interviews the Crescat Sententia bloggers do [click here]. I wrote up a short bio and precis of one of her books for Cato when I worked there; I scarcely think that puts me in the position of worshipping at her altar or drinking her Kool-Aid or whatever else. For what it's worth, I think she's a bad philosopher and a sometimes-entertaining, if bloated, pop novelist. I didn't realize sycophancy was a prerequisite for pointing potentially[ ]interested readers to information about an author.

Oh boy, is Sanchez going to get letters, or what?

Either way, I apologize for creating the impression Sanchez is an acolyte of the detestable Rand.

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