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Monday, February 07, 2005  

Insider Blogger Baseball
Or Not

Let's say, hypothetically, as they say, that The Rittenhouse Review were to link to a right-wing blogger with whom his relations were not entirely friendly.

And let's say, again hypothetically, that the right-wing blogger in this hypothetical situation, relied on to record her traffic and made SiteMeter's statistics pertaining to traffic to and from her blog available for review by all visitors.

Can anyone think of a reason why traffic from such far-superior blogs as Rittenhouse and MalkinWatch, at least as read here at Rittenhouse, would not appear in her referral log?

Could it be the blogger in question doesn't want her readers to know that other bloggers have written critical remarks about her nonsensical observations, including her gratuitous deployment of ethnic slurs, and therefore found the means to suppress information related to such links?

Just asking.

(Try it for yourself. Click here [Ed.: Sorry, link deleted. Mrs. Maglalang knows nothing about reciprocity, and so . . . .], and then, after a brief and much-needed respite, click here. Does your visit appear in the referral log? Mine doesn't. Maybe the blogger under consideration is blocking only me. I'll have to try her e-mail address.)

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