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Sunday, February 20, 2005  

The Mystery Solved

Devoted reader L.M., Riverdale, N.Y., solves a great mystery, writing, unsolicitedly:

I must confess that it is I, I, who drew the black magic-marker squiggly line upon the entirely ordinary, but strangely fake-tears-inducing, photograph of the sprog of Wendy Pepper.

I could not help myself.

I hate her.

I know, but who doesn’t?

I believe L.M., because, well, I’ve known her for my entire life, but my suspicions regarding the incident reside entirely in the hands of Miss Wendy “Tawana Brawley” Pepper herself.

There. I said it.

[Post-publication addendum (February 20): L.M. responds: “Perfect! Of course you have hit on what I actually think happened, which is that ‘Wendypepper’ did it herself. I mean, c’mon! We’re supposed to believe someone is so angry he defaces the child’s picture, but so constrained that all he does is give her a Dalí moustache?! Not Graucho Marx? Not Snively Whiplash? Not the ubiquitous Hitler moustache? The woman is totally lacking in creativity.”]

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