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Wednesday, March 23, 2005  

Be Very Afraid

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer gives you every reason to be afraid, so very afraid (“Santorum’s Return is No. 1 GOP Goal,” by Thomas Fitzgerald):

The Republican Party’s top goal in the 2006 mid-term elections is to keep Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in office, national party chairman Ken Mehlman said [in South Philadelphia] yesterday.

“There is no higher priority for our party,” Mehlman said in an interview. “He’s a man of conviction.” […]

Mehlman’s comments are the latest indication that the expected clash between the two men, still 20 months away, already is the highest-profile Senate race in the nation.

Democratic challengers to Sen. Tweedle Dum (a/k/a Sen. Gets It Wrong Every Time) include Pennsylvania state Treasurer Robert P. Casey Jr. and Chuck Pennacchio, professor of history at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts.

Get your checkbooks ready.

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