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Saturday, March 26, 2005  

They’re Running Out

A bit more about the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s current exhibition, “Dalí,” the subject of several recent posts at The Rittenhouse Review: The Philadelphia Daily News today reports in a Q-and-A by Scott Flander (“It’s Worth It, Don’t Dali”):

Q: Is it hard to get tickets?

A: No, it’s actually very easy. The best way is to buy them online, at You can click on the day you want to go, and you’ll see which entry times are available (the tickets are for specific times so everyone doesn’t go at once).

You can also call 215-235-SHOW (7469), or buy tickets at the museum. Don’t expect to get same-day tickets at the door, however -- they’re usually gone by early morning on weekdays, and are nearly non-existent on weekends.

Q: Is the exhibit crowded? Is that a problem?

A: Yes, and yes. It takes some of the fun away when you’re competing with a dozen other people to look at a painting.

Q: So I shouldn’t go?

A: No, you definitely should go, it’s still well worth it. […]

Q: Any other hot tips?

A: Of course.

• Tickets are discounted weekday afternoons this month. Check the Web site for more details.

• Usually the museum is closed Mondays, but this coming one, (Easter Monday, March 28), the Dali exhibit is open. […]

• The exhibit’s last day is May 15. Don’t get shut out.

And no, I haven’t seen the Dalí show yet. I’m waiting for my painter cousin, who works in Surrealism, to walk and talk me through the show.

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