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Tuesday, March 01, 2005  

New, New-to-Me, Renamed, Missed

Please visit these new blogs, new-to-me blogs, and renamed blogs, and, if you will, mourn with me a lost blog.

Recent Additions:

The All Spin Zone, by Philadelphian and friend Richard Cranium -- and I’m not making that up -- et al., and, like me, a nominee for not one but two 2004 Koufax Awards.

The eponymous Liberal Avenger.

Mouse Words, by Amanda Marcotte, winner of the 2004 Koufax Award for Best New Blog. (Not to be confused with Mousemusings, written by Cyndy, who may or may not have a last name, who earned a spot on the Rittenhouse blogroll a long time ago.)

Noblesse Oblog, by Philadelphians (One or both?) and friends (Both, I hope.), Eligere and Chaumont.

Something Requisitely Witty & Urbane, by Dylan Biles, which may or may not be a real name.

Yaletown, by friend Justin Oppelaar, whose smart, charming, and expecting wife is a former Philadelphian, and who both currently are, apparently, enjoying living in the ultimate blue state: Canada.

Renamed Blogs:

Throwing Things, by Philadelphian and friend Adam Bonin et al., is now A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago. Campaign Extra, by Philadelphian and friend Will Bunch, is now Attytood.

Missed -- as in no longer, not as in overlooked -- Blogs:

May I just say here that I really miss Ann Salisbury’s Two Tears in a Bucket?

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