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Thursday, May 12, 2005  

Michael’s Girls

Believe it or not, I’m loath to make light of the Michael Jackson trial and the singer’s predicament, a subject about which I so far have had about nothing to say, not because of any particular sympathy on his behalf but mostly because I think the cheap shots aimed in Jackson’s direction are just that. Nonetheless, a report in Wednesday’s papers cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed, if only for its (supremely) notable camp value. As Nick Madigan reported in the New York Times:

[Neverland ranch manager Joseph] Marcus acknowledged under cross-examination that his boss had “special bonds” with certain children, friendships that he said applied to girls as well as to the many boys who visited Mr. Jackson at the ranch. But when asked to name girls with whom Mr. Jackson had such a bond in the years Mr. Marcus has worked at the ranch, he could name only two, sisters of boys who were also close to Mr. Jackson.

“So we’re up to two,” [prosecutor Gordon] Auchincloss said. When asked if there were adult women with whom Mr. Jackson was close, Mr. Marcus again mentioned just two: Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli.

I am not making that up.

I wonder how the gallery reacted to that remark. Something on the order of “David Gest, please call your office”?

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