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Friday, May 27, 2005  

Getting to Rittenhouse

An irregular look at some of the unusual searches that brought recent visitors to The Rittenhouse Review:

broadcast funny news lady squashing grapes
This is a reference to Christiane Amanpour’s Lucille Ball imitation -- I think.

Dali show tickets
Well, the show, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, closes in three days, and it’s sold out, so take your chances with agents or scalpers, if there are any. Hell, what do I care? I snuck in under the wire on Monday afternoon.

example of a visual map of a literature review in a research proposal
It’s true: Some Rittenhouse readers are smarter than I.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants irritating chick flick
Please, no need to be redundant.

Why cows have tails
Maybe because they would look so odd without them?

large cyst on armpit
I’m not an expert on armpits, but I’d have that checked out.

Philadelphia or Pottstown and July 4th fireworks 2005
“Honey? Where do you think the fireworks show will be better? Philadelphia or Pottstown?”

how do you say he lives in Philadelphia in French
I think it’s “Il habite à Philadelphie.”

what happened to Neil Stein Philadelphia
Good timing! The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday reported: “Stein intends to plead guilty Tuesday to all three counts of filing false federal income-tax returns lodged against him in September, his lawyer confirms. He was accused of skimming hundreds of thousands of dollars from the till of his posh restaurants and larding corporate credit cards with personal expenses. Legal observers believe that he will get little, if any, jail time at sentencing, probably in August.”

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