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Sunday, May 15, 2005  

To Someone Like You

There have been two articles in recent issues of the Philadelphia Inquirer that are likely to be of interest to fellow bloggers and blog readers: “Short on Bucks, But Long on Blogs,” by Thomas Fitzgerald (May 11) discusses the role local bloggers have played in promoting the candidacy of Seth Williams in the Democratic Primary race in Philadelphia County. (Vote Tuesday, May 17!)

And today Inquirer editor Amanda Bennett, writing in “A New Guide to the World of Blogs,” reveals the paper’s plan to enter the blogosphere with a unique approach to the blogosphere, Blinq launched at under the direction of reporter Dan Rubin.

Blinq will be a one-stop shopping place for bloggers to meet up,” Bennett writes. “A place for both experienced and novice bloggers to find each other. A quick way for all readers to learn what other readers are talking to each other about every day in cyberspace.”

Sounds intriguing, and for the Inquirer, altogether modern.

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