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Tuesday, June 14, 2005  

Not So Gratuitous Bulldog Blogging

Today is not only Flag Day, it’s my bulldog Mildred’s eighth birthday.

Naturally that means there’s big -- and I mean that -- stuff going on here. Cards are arriving in the mailbox. Well, one did. (With cash! Australian cash. From Rittenhouse reader H.F.) And Mildred already has scarfed down the Greenie I’ve been hiding for the last month or so. That took about six minutes. Later today she’ll have a marrow bone. Just one. I swear.

Here’s the kicker, though, and one that demonstrates what I’m dealing with: Late last night I caught Mildred on the PC while she was adding some of her favorite treats and maybe something else to the Rittenhouse Wish List, a note of interest to the gift-buying sort among you. (Mildred would add, however, that tip-box hits -- see the PayPal link near the top of the sidebar at right -- also are welcome, even if, as is likely, funds may be directed to a badly needed visit to the veterinarian.)

How could you say no to that face?
I know I can’t.

Happy birthday, Mildred. And many, many more.

[Post-publication addendum I: I’m in big trouble. Big, major, heavy, hungry birthday-bulldog trouble. Super Fresh, my local supermarket, has no marrow bones in stock today. I’ve got to break the bad news to Mildred. Not to worry . . . too much. I have time. She’s asleep.]

[Post-publication addendum II: A great big bulldog thank you to the readers who sent Mildred, and me, gifts from the Rittenhouse Wish List, and to those (well, one person) who sent funds through PayPal. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and, upon my edification of who exactly you are, will be appropriately acknowledged. A special note of thanks to Rowhouse Logic for hosting that wonderful photograph of the birthday Mildred.]

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