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Tuesday, June 14, 2005  

And Gets it Wrong

Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), acting through Friends of John Kerry, today sent a rather misguided e-mail to Democrats that reads, in relevant part:

With George Bush coming to Pennsylvania today, Republicans across the state think it’s their big day.

But, if we act quickly, you and I can actually make this an outstanding day in Bob Casey’s Senate campaign to defeat [Sen. Rick] Santorum.

Bush is coming to Pennsylvania today to stand with one of his best friends in the Senate. Let’s take advantage of Bush’s trip to send a powerful message that Pennsylvania wants positive change.

At this point in the message Sen. Kerry provides a link for contributions to the Casey campaign.

Sen. Kerry continues:

Bush will use his fundraising prowess to fill Santorum’s coffers with campaign cash. Let’s use our grassroots power to help State Treasurer Bob Casey fight back.

Bob Casey was there for us and Pennsylvania Democrats in 2004. Let’s do it for him in 2006.

If we want change in Washington -[-] more focus on health care, on the economy, on job creation and a secure future for Medicare and Social Security, we need new voices in the U[.]S[.] Senate.

Another prompt to contribute to Casey.

Today Bush will join with Pennsylvania Republicans to hold another staged event trying to peddle their failed Social Security plan.

Join the community in Pennsylvania as we kick off a special one-day campaign to give Bob Casey a strong grassroots boost.

Bush and Pennsylvania Republicans think this is their day in Pennsylvania. Let’s prove them wrong. By the time Bush leaves the state tonight, let’s get thousands of Pennsylvanians to commit to positive change in the Senate -- starting with you.

Yet another appeal to click the link to Casey.

Please pass this message along to everyone you can think of in Pennsylvania. In the next 24 hours, let’s go big for Bob Casey.

You know what? Not so fast, John.

There’s a better option for Pennsylvania Democrats, for all Pennsylvanians: Chuck Pennacchio, a declared and very active candidate seeking the party’s nomination to take on Sen. Tweedledum.

I recently had the honor and pleasure of meeting Pennacchio for a second time, to hear him speak passionately about the future of this country and make his very strong case that despite considerable odds he can win both the primary and the general election.

Rarely have I been so impressed by a candidate for public office. Pennacchio’s principles and strategy are not unlike those of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, and if that’s all you learn from me today my work will be done, at least for now.

Maybe instead of contributing to the Casey campaign, which at this point in the race, given Casey’s unwillingness to talk to anyone outside the party hierarchy, is like giving money to a ghost, Democrats could spend a little time learning more about Pennacchio, because, really, there is a choice, and no one, not even Sen. Kerry, can take that away from you.

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