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Friday, June 03, 2005  

Courtesy of Meghan Cox Gurdon

TBogg and World O’ Crap are much better equipped than I to handle the feverish spewings of National Review’s Meghan Cox Gurdon, but today’s piece, “Snapshots From the End of the School Year,” warrants at least passing attention for featuring not just one but two Paris Manly Moments.

Here’s the first PMM:

A boy in a blue zip-up shoulder-to-knee sun-blocking bathing suit intercepts his mother half-way up the stairs. “I’m Oceanic Man!” he cries through the blue ski mask that obscures his features. “I can break tidal waves in half . . . with these!” And he holds up his hands, instruments of death, and tears dramatically at an invisible tsunami. “Snerggh!”

And later, still worse, we find a second PMM, this one timed to coincide with the requisite cameo appearance of Mr. Meghan Cox Gurdon:

My husband and I are dutifully admiring them when Paris strides in wearing a large deerskin vest, khakis, and brown belt slung over his shoulder, bandito-style. “What are you,” I remark, “the dirt fairy?”

Ouch. Come on, mummy, leave the boy alone would you?

[Post-publication addendum (June 4): World O’ Crap weighs in with more on Mrs. Gurdon.]

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