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Wednesday, August 10, 2005  

The Senora & The Son

They're arresting Pinochets again. No, not the former dictator (and friend of Kissinger), Augusto Pinochet, and not in Great Britain. This time it's his wife, Lucía Hiriart de Pinochet, and their son, Marco Antonio Pinochet. The pair were arrested in Santiago and charged with helping poppy Pinochet illegally funnel millions of dollars of uncertain origin to bank accounts outside of Chile. Larry Rohter of the New York Times reports ("Pinochet's Wife and Son Charged in Tax Fraud Case"), "In recognition of her fragile health, Mrs. Pinochet, 82, was being held in the Military Hospital in the Chilean capital."

Predictably, Pinochet the Lesser whined about his family being inconvenienced: "This is like a bullet in the head. What do they want? There is no respect for anything or anyone on our side."

Ever stop to wonder why, pobrecito?

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