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Friday, August 19, 2005  

Getting to Rittenhouse

As on most, or at least some, Fridays, here’s a look, irregular as it might be, of some of the unusual searches that brought recent visitors to The Rittenhouse Review. Lots of fun crap this week.

Brooklyn Heights Peggy Noonan
Hasn’t anyone smashed that damned window yet?

Sean Hannity Seldin
If you went to high school with me, and you probably didn’t, you would understand why the combination of these three words is too disturbing to contemplate.

Daniel Suhr 9/11 tapes
Yes, Dan Suhr of the New York Fire Department, whom I knew in college and who was killed by a jumper at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and whose brother I knew before that, was in the news again recently, most notably in the New York Times, in “Vast Archive Yields New View of 9/11,” by Jim Dwyer et al.

Christopher Hitchens owe the de
“Owe the de?” The “de”? Surely you mean The Tab. Likely a very large one, they tell me.

massage parlor reviews King of Prussia
Wow, you are so in the wrong place, even if, as I assume, your reference to King of Prussia is to the Philadelphia suburb, or shopping center, and not to some syphilitic former German monarch.

Swarthmore College faculty member Lyndon LaRouche
Someone please tell me this is not true, that there is no connection nor relationship whatsoever between Swarthmore and LaRouche.

Jeep Wrangler roll over statistics
Hold on there, buddy. You’re talking about my first car ever. (By the way, the second car ever can be seen here.) Never rolled over on me. Don’t dis’ it on me, or at least in front of me.

Jessica Pressler and Koch
Oh, please, Jessica, tell me it’s not true.

how much does a manicurist make
Gee whiz, I don’t know. Why not ask pretend economist Virginia Postrel?

pill counting machine
I believe this is what, in these days and times, is called a pharmacist.

Mark Wahlberg Rittenhouse
Look, I won’t say whether or not there’s something there, as I’m not the type to kiss and tell, but I’ll admit I was happy to hear Marky Mark Mr. Wahlberg is in town filming Invincible.

has Ann Coulter ever been nominated for Pulitzer Prize?
Oh please. Grow up, would you?

Twizzlers expiration code dates
And here I thought my stash of Twizzlers could survive a nuclear holocaust.

Mallo Cup museum
Chocolate, creamy marshmallow, a touch of roasted cocoanut. Delicious. I’m into it; I love `em. But a museum?

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