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Sunday, August 14, 2005  

Let's Keep Philadelphia for Philadelphians

I'm talking to you, New Yorkers: Stay right where you are. Don't even think about it.

Jessica Pressler, the best reason to read PW, the alternative paper formerly known as Philadelphia Weekly, writes in today's New York Times ("Philadelphia Story: The Next Borough," and I know she didn't write that lame headline) about an emerging phenomenon -- New Yorkers picking up and relocating here -- and draws attention to a web site that by its very name scares the hell out of me: Move to Philly Dot Com:

Attracted by a thriving arts and music scene here and a cost of living that is 37 percent lower than New York's, according to city figures, a significant number of youngish artists, musicians, restaurateurs[,] and designers are leaving New York City and heading down the turnpike for the same reasons they once moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan.

I'm all for growth in Philadelphia, expanding the tax base, and sprucing things up a bit. But welcoming New Yorkers? Particularly those of the "trendy" and "hip" sorts? Promoting the already disturbing New-York-ification of this city? That's taking things too far.

"Wait a minute," you say. "Didn't you move to Philadelphia from New York?"

Well, yeah, but that's different. Somehow. Mostly because I'm neither trendy nor hip.

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