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Wednesday, November 30, 2005  

Not Just Because . . . But Because of Lieberman

It goes without saying that I admire and respect, greatly, former Sen. Al Gore, the Tennessee lawmaker who five years ago carried the Democratic Party’s torch toward its rightful position in the White House.

The man was pilloried and crucified by the media, and later cheated by what’s called “the judiciary,” reaching even as high as the Supreme [sic] Court, and yet maintained incredible, almost unbearable, dignity despite such unwarranted humiliation and unfairness.

And yet, with increasing frequency, I hate Al Gore, or at least resent him, or perhaps regret his misguidedness, that for having elevated an obscure and constantly vacillating little lawmaker from a small and generally insignificant state, the untrustworthy cretin otherwise known as Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) , pet and pal of the widely discredited faction known as the “Democratic” “Leadership” Council, toady of the insurance and medical industries, and all-around friend and slavish patron of the in loco Republicantis backstage directors of American foreign policy, typified most crazedly by the likes of the New Republic’s Martin Peretz, an ardent and unapologetic Liebermanite.

Enough with this guy -- Lieberman -- and his Gigot-edited and Gigot-approved op-eds on the fringista pages of The Wall Street Journal. Sadly, it was Sen. Gore, with the help of the likes of Peretz, who transformed Sen. Lieberman from a nobody into the supposed statesman and ersatz Senator Fulbright all too many today imagine him to be.

But is anyone really listening? Anyone, that is, except those of us concerned that this F.O.D. -- Friend of Don [Rumsfeld] -- might, assuming an equal party distribution in the Senate, opportunistically jump ship to the War Party?

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