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Sunday, November 13, 2005  

That Kind of Democrat

Richard Penn Kemble, Washington, D.C.: socialist, political activist, democrat, and Democrat: 1941-2005.

I wish I had been in a position last month to more quickly and appropriately note Kemble’s passing, an event that occurred sadly prematurely on October 16, at age 64, and not only because some of the best obituaries have been shunted behind the green (i.e., paying) doors of their publishers, including the New York Times (though you can get the gist of the piece at the Indianapolis Star), but because the man -- who, among much greater and more interesting accomplishments, made a few appearances in my master’s thesis, none related to our one and not entirely successful (from my perspective) telephone conversation some 15 years ago -- was just so fascinating, and to smaller minds among us, “so contradictory.”

At the very least, I can direct you to items in the San Jose Mercury News, and in the Washington Times by Ben Wattenberg, as well as White House reaction and a statement from Freedom House.

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