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Friday, January 20, 2006  

Let Voters Choose Their Own Candidate

There’s an excellent letter to the editor in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, of particular interest to those following the campaign to eject incumbent Republican senator Rick Santorum, submitted by Dave De Vetter of Willow Grove, Pa.

De Vetter writes, in part:

In November, the majority of Pennsylvanians who believe this war was not justified are expected to choose between two candidates who think we are wrong. The loved ones of the more than 2,200 American soldiers killed in Bush’s preemptive war in Iraq do not need the media to remind them this war was a mistake. Nor do the families of the tens of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians.

Democrats need to know that we have a clear choice to make in the May 16 primary. We can choose Chuck Pennacchio [Link added.], who opposed the war from the start and now supports a timeline for a quick and orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Or we can let [Bob] Casey take the nomination and lose after voters find out that he agrees with Santorum on just about everything.

De Vetter’s right. It’s a primary, not an investiture. Let’s have our say; make sure you have your say.

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