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Saturday, February 18, 2006  

Missing the Big Story from Turin

I'm sort of sittting here wondering why the inestimable contributors to the indispensable GFY haven't yet taken it upon themselves to apply their finely honed critical skills, normally directed at Hollywood types, toward participants in the Winter Olympics in Turin, particularly the figure skaters.

I realize the women skaters have yet to start, but if Johnny Weir (whom I respect greatly by the way, brushing aside the sideline carping posted by otherwise respected bloggers) is thought, along with his competition, by GFY to provide no decent fodder, well, then the girls at GFY are either just amateurs or way off their game this week.

Still, you gotta luv `em.

[Post-publication addendum: And I think the GFYers know, by now, that this is all meant as a compliment and is all in good fun.]

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