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Tuesday, February 07, 2006  

A Gaping E-mail Gap

Rosemary Woods, please call your office. Miss Woods?

Oh, wait, she's dead, but her spirit lives on in the Bush White House.

I caught this in "Will Scooter Libby Graymail the CIA?" a blog post about the possible defense strategy being pursued by former vice presidential (i.e., Dick Cheney) chief of staff Scooter Libby written by The Nation's David Corn (February 6):

Last week, Ted Wells, one of Libby's attorneys, said that "thousand and thousands and thousands" of pages of evidence have been withheld by [special counsel Patrick] Fitzgerald. The special counsel disagreed. By the way, Fitzgerald recently sent a letter to Libby's defense team noting, "In an abundance of caution, we advise you that we have learned that not all e-mail of the Office of Vice President and the Executive Office of the President for certain time periods in 2003 was preserved through the normal archiving process on the White House computer system." Hmmmm. The White House has lost chunks of email from Cheney's and Bush's offices for 2003, the year Bush invaded Iraq, the year of the CIA leak. Must just be an accident, right? [Emphasis added.]

According to a Google News search, only a smattering of news organizations have devoted any attention at all to this strange and mysterious event.

Media Matters for America, it turns out, was talking about this nearly a week ago, and in an item published today, again raises the question why this story continues to fly under the media’s collective radar.

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