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Monday, June 19, 2006  

Daddy's Hip to That

Joe Klein still likes a president who can "strut," as evidenced by these excerpts from his latest piece for Time, "Why Bush Is (Still) Winning the War at Home":

George W. Bush's body language -- let's call it the full jaunty -- was reminiscent of his last, infamous cockpit trip, onto the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in May 2003 to announce the "end" of major combat operations in Iraq, beneath a mission accomplished sign. His public language is more cautious than it used to be, but he seemed downright frothy in a private session with the congressional leadership after his press conference.

He called the new Iraqi Defense Minister an "interesting cat" and Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi, the deceased al-Qaeda leader, "a dangerous dude." Bush had reason, finally, to strut.

Notable, I think, that President Bush can unselfconsciously use a slang term last popular when he entered college, providing evidence that Yale doesn't expand the vocabularies of all of its students.

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