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Friday, August 25, 2006  

Time for a Reality Check

New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney today takes readers on a 36-hour tour of Washington, D.C.

Truly special, and at times fantastic, in the delusional sense of the term.

Here's Adam discussing "Hymns and Prayers," with a quick look at St. John's Church, just north of the White House on N. 16th St., N.W.:

On Lafayette Square, you will find St. John’s Church, where, as the placard on the outside wall will tell you, every president since James Madison has come to pray. If President Bush is in town, the chances are pretty good that you will see him and his wife, Laura, show up for services at this small Episcopal church.

"[C]hances are pretty good[.]" Really? Is that true? Says who? What is the source -- or evidence -- for that observation? Because everything reliable I've read reveals that President See You Monday rarely attends church services, whether he's in Washington, Kennebunkport, Maine, or Crawford, Texas, and isn't even an Episcopalian.

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