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Wednesday, August 09, 2006  

The Impending Further Demise of Joe Lieberman

In Say Goodnight, Joe," by Bruce Shapiro, posted at The Nation's web site today, I caught this look at the Connecticut primary voting that ought to have Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman thinking twice:

Does Lieberman have the strength to win as an independent? Don't be deceived by the close final numbers in the Lieberman-Lamont primary. Lamont ran a consistent eight points or more ahead in most of the state, from affluent suburbs in Fairfield County to devastated mill towns in the state's northeast. Lieberman finally pulled within striking distance of Lamont only because a handful of municipal Democratic organizations in the old Naugatuck Valley industrial zone, the last remnants of old-line party hacks, pulled out the stops on primary day.

And old-line party hacks don't have a great deal of leverage in general elections.

(Note: The Hartford Courant has town-by-town results [Scroll down to the third list.], interesting for those who know their way around the state.)

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