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Monday, August 14, 2006  

With Media Miscellany
August 14, 2006

Photos of Weirdos [*]
Michelle Malkin and the gang aren't going to like this. The New York Times today begins a new series, American Album, summarized on the home page this way: "In a new print and online feature appearing every other Monday, portraits of offbeat Americans by Charlie LeDuff. Today, a Minuteman at the Mexican border named Britt Craig." Who are you calling "offbeat," Mr. Smartypants Mainstream Media?

Our Own Public Idaho
Carole King, yes that Carole King, for those of you old enough to remember someone named Carole King, has an op-ed piece in today's Los Angeles Times about a new, soon-to-be (probably) Congressionally sanctioned land grab in Idaho (where King owns property [Ed.: Corrected.]), the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act.

Sartorial Dis-splendor
Glad to see Gawker is keeping up the Lloyd Grove watch. (Bonus for link hoppers: A photo of yet another of Grove's seemingly endless supply of bad shirt-and-tie combinations!)

There's something else strange at Gawker today: a reference, in a piece about New York subways, to "the green line." When I lived in New York I cringed when I heard people referring to subway lines by their colors, rather than their assigned letters or numbers (or better, IRT, IND, BMT). It's just so, I don't know, Washington.

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