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Friday, August 18, 2006  

With Artificial Buoyancy from Chest Level

Is this woman for real? She can't be. This is just one big, colossal joke, right? Someone's kooky idea of pedaling a Jewish counterpart to Ann Coulter's tiresome schtik?

I'm talking about Pam Oshry, the walking, talking (and talking!), shrieking, overly manicured, and otherwise tweaking embodiment of every stereotype I can recall having been harshed upon during my days at the University at Albany.

Watch for yourself -- and pay close attention to Pam's advice regarding cosmetics and grooming devices!

Note as well how much Pam hates America, or at least, in her words, "the useful idiots that are running this country." (Pam is big on Stalin-era phraseology.)

Somehow I'm guessing she's not in this instance referring to President Your Call Condi, whom she otherwise considers some kind of Likudnik boy genius.

(Here's Pam on that last point, and I'm paraphrasing only slightly: Did I campaig;n for Bibi?1! I di~d! I campagned my heart out! Luv luv luv the bibi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See; my!.!. But did I have a vote? No I didnt. I am and american! ........... Olmert -------- a DUISGRACE! .............. Moore frOm Debbie Schlussel here................THis is HUDNA!!^!!!#!!...............What is with the dhimmi-CRATS???@???$??@??@>@????)

[Post-publication addendum: By the way, did Oshry get the permission of her comrade-in-arms, Martin Peretz, and the publishers of the New Republic to post on her blog, in full and word-for-word, his misguided yet thoroughly predictable -- and copyrighted -- defense of this country's interim, still-not-approved representative to the United Nations, John Bolton, and if so, why?]

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