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Tuesday, September 26, 2006  

Of the Kind You Never Will See on TV
And the Commas

Take a minute or two to check out two political advertisements of the type you won't see or hear on TV or the radio this fall, probably because the Democratic Party establishment fears they might prove too provocative, too "shrill," for which we might exchange the word effective.

The first is in text form and was written by Eric Alterman and posted at the new location of his blog, Altercation, and you can read it here.

The second, in video form, I caught at Orcinus, though it is circulating elsewhere in the blogosphere. It's outstanding.

What I would like to see is some sharp Photoshop expert pull together a montage in which the faces of the more than 2,600 Americans killed in Iraq are superimposed over the images of commas. That would be something to see.

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