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Thursday, February 01, 2007  

Grumpy Gus

I'd hate for you to think that I regularly dress up my bulldog, Mildred, to say nothing of doing that all the time (She wouldn't stand for it. Nor sit either.), because that's really not my style, but I thought we were due for sharing another shot and the only thing I can find right now is this photograph of her wearing a pink hat, and I can't even remember the occasion. A birthday, maybe?

I know. Her nose is dry, there's acne on her chin, and all in all, she doesn't look happy.

This is our life. Not that my nose is dry, nor my chin acnefied. Never mind.

[Post-publication addendum (February 2): A reader writes: "I have to say that the pink hat looks pretty good on her, goes well with her skin tone; however, I'm afraid if she won't even smile her modeling career is going nowhere. She does have that Greta Garbo "I want to be left alone" look down though." So I should have subtitled this post, "Grumpy Greta."]

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