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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Together With Media Miscellany

Sole-Source Cartooning [*]
Don’t miss Mark Fiore’s new cartoon in the Village Voice: “Halliburton: America’s Favorite Contractor.” (Warning: sound.)

Rumor Has It
Singer-songwriters and former spouses (of each other) Carly Simon and James Taylor reportedly are getting back together. No, they’re not remarrying, they’re said to be planning to perform at a fundraiser for Sen. John F. Kerry.

The Party’s Over
The Federal Open Market Committee today instituted the first of what is expected to be a lengthy series of hikes in short-term interest rates. The New York Times reports:

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and his Federal Open Market Committee colleagues -- the group that sets interest rate policy in the United States -- increased the federal funds rate to 1.25 percent. The funds rate, the Fed’s primary tool for influencing economic activity, had been at 1 percent, a 46-year low, for a year.

Watch for higher rates to trickle down to an account near you.

Fat or Ugly?
Lately we’ve been informed, or reminded, ad nauseum, that filmmaker Michael Moore is a scale-tipper. Also making the rounds recently is the parrot-like repetition calling Sen. John F. Kerry ugly.

[* Note: Additional items may be posted to “Political Notes” after initial publication but only on the day of publication, excluding post-publication addenda. Such items, when posted, are designated by an asterisk.]

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